Rating: 4/5 stars

Glitch is a dystopian science fiction with hints of fantastical elements that takes place in the Community. A place where people are implanted with computer chips. A place where no emotions exist and thoughts are replaced by a feed from the Link network. However, glitches aka anomalies occur and when they do they are immediately reported and repaired. Zoe is one of those anomalies who hides her glitches as she fears deactivation, however, hiding proves difficult as the glitches as given her a power of telekinesis. She struggles to control her power and she meets other glitchers, and they are trying to free themselves before they are caught.

Glitch is an interesting and fascinating novel. The book starts off with Zoe glitching, so it’s fast pace and action pack. I like the fantastical powers that each anomaly has. It adds more to the overall story. However, the love is very insta-lovey and that might not appeal some readers which is completely understandable. Zoe and Adrien attraction for one another happen so quickly than I was hoping for. Also there’s a love triangle. I didn’t like Zoe and Max together. Max was horrible and he seems abusive towards Zoe. However, I found Zoe and Adrien characters great and relatable. I like Zoe as I understood her confusions and struggles. Living in a society where emotions, feelings, and compassion do not exist is terrifying especially when you start wake up and start feeling. I never got frustrated at her. Adrian is compassionate and a very likable character. He used his ability to help others even though it’s risky and dangerous. I found him very interesting and wanted to know more about him. Overall it was an entertaining and engaging. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

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